"The Net Neutrality Saga: A Long-Expected Journey"

Public Knowledge has released The Net Neutrality Saga: A Long-Expected Journey by Kate Forscey.

Here's an excerpt:

Meanwhile, some members of Congress are also taking aim at the FCC's rules, introducing a slew of bills, each purporting to address some part of the agency process that only seem to be in response to the FCC's rules. . . .

  • MORE FLIES WITH HONEY: First, Senators Thune and Upton introduced bills before the FCC even voted, sensing the strong regulations coming and hoping to head the Commission off at the pass. They claim the bill legislatively protects net neutrality by preventing non-throttling and non-blocking. . . More importantly, the bill revokes the Commission's authority over any other aspect of the broadband ecosystem, forever. . . .
  • SALTING THE EARTH:  An alternative—but unsurprising—attack came from a different faction of Congressional Republicans, headed by Rep. Collins. Once the rules hit the Federal Register, the clock starts ticking on the Congressional Review Act—which allows Congress to review a "major" rule issued by any federal agency before the rules take effect (so, 60 days). The resolution ("CR") only needs a simple majority to pass in the House and the Senate—although the President can veto it, and likely would in this case. . . .
  • AND THE "REFORM" KITCHEN SINK: Most recently, three members dropped three different draft "FCC process reform" bills, each of which aims to restructure how the agency functions.

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Author: Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

Charles W. Bailey, Jr.