BioMed Central Implements Author Contributorship Badges

BioMed Central has implemented Author Contributorship Badges.

Here's an excerpt from the announcement:

To receive credit for their work, researchers must publish. However, the traditional author list on scientific research articles provides little clarification as to who actually did what on the project. Conventions around author order often mean that key contributors to research are either left off the author list entirely, or given a position that provides no real "credit" in the grant-awarding/career ladder ecosystem.

The introduction of Author Contributorship Badges is an effort to solve this problem by crediting authors for the specific ways in which they contributed to a study. For example, it might distinguish whether the author drafted the copy, verified the results or curated the data for the project. A visual badge which illustrates their full contribution will be made available on the article page and on the ORCID site.

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Author: Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

Charles W. Bailey, Jr.