"Citation Analysis with Microsoft Academic"

Sven E. Hug, Michael Ochsner, and Martin P. Braendle have self-archived "Citation Analysis with Microsoft Academic."

Here's an excerpt:

We explored if and how Microsoft Academic (MA) could be used for bibliometric analyses. First, we examined the Academic Knowledge API (AK API), an interface to access MA data. Second, we performed a comparative citation analysis of researchers by normalizing data from MA and Scopus. We found that MA offers structured and rich metadata, which facilitates data retrieval, handling and processing. In addition, the AK API allows retrieving histograms. These features have to be considered a major advantage of MA over Google Scholar. However, there are two serious limitations regarding the available metadata. First, MA does not provide the document type of a publication and, second, the 'fields of study' are dynamic, too fine-grained and field-hierarchies are incoherent. Nevertheless, we showed that average-based indicators as well as distribution-based indicators can be calculated with MA data. We postulate that MA has the potential to be used for fully-fledged bibliometric analyses.

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Author: Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

Charles W. Bailey, Jr.