Digital Art: November’s Charcoal Drawings, Color Pencil Drawings, Pastel Drawings, and Oil Paintings

In November, I continued to transform public domain photos into charcoal drawings, color pencil drawings, pastel drawings, and oil paintings using a variety of Photoshop plug-ins and Topaz Impression. Full-size images (8×10" or 8×12") and descriptions of the processing steps involved are available on Flickr.

Digital Color Pencil Drawing of Docked Ships in Hamburg

Digital Oil Painting of La Porte du Scex

Digital Charcoal Drawing of Oscar Wilde

Digital Color Pencil Drawing of an Irish Farmer

Digital Pastel Drawing of a Boat on Loch Katrine

Digital Oil Painting of a Woman in Sunglasses at a Banana Cart

Digital Chalk and Charcoal Drawing of the Naerodalen Valley

| Charles W. Bailey, Jr., Digital Artist |

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Author: Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

Charles W. Bailey, Jr.