Cornell University Library Repository Principles and Strategies Handbook

Erin Faulder et al. have self-archived the "Cornell University Library Repository Principles and Strategies Handbook."

Here's an excerpt:

The handbook provides support for both new and existing repository managers, comprising both recommended practices and specifically identified action steps that will allow them to track their progress and identify gaps. Each section of the handbook covers a different strategic area of repository management, standing largely on its own and linking to other sections when appropriate. Although there is no primary section order, we recommend starting with Defining Repository Scope and Service Planning. The handbook specifically addresses principles and practices pertaining to digital repositories, where a digital repository can be defined as: a system, the purpose of which is to store, present, and preserve a collection of data for which the library provides services. That is, the term refers specifically to the application as opposed to the content (collections, objects and metadata) within.

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Author: Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

Charles W. Bailey, Jr.