"An Overview of the Current State of Linked and Open Data in Cataloging"

Irfan Ullah et al. have published "An Overview of the Current State of Linked and Open Data in Cataloging" in Information Technology and Libraries.

Here's an excerpt:

Although several reviews and survey articles on the application of Linked Data principles to cataloging have appeared in literature, a generic yet holistic review of the current state of Linked and Open Data in cataloging is missing. To fill the gap, the authors have collected recent literature (2014–18) on the current state of Linked Open Data in cataloging to identify research trends, challenges, and opportunities in this area and, in addition, to understand the potential of socially curated metadata in cataloging mainly in the realm of the Web of Data. . . . Some of the findings of the review are: Linked and Open Data is becoming the mainstream trend in library cataloging especially in the major libraries and research projects of the world; with the emergence of Linked Open Vocabularies (LOV), the bibliographic metadata is becoming more meaningful and reusable; and, finally, enriching bibliographic metadata with user-generated content is gaining momentum.

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Author: Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

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