Share–Publish–Store–Preserve. Methodologies, Tools and Challenges for 3D Use in Social Sciences and Humanities

Anas Alaoui M'Darhri et al. have self-archived "Share–Publish–Store–Preserve. Methodologies, Tools and Challenges for 3D Use in Social Sciences and Humanities."

Here's an excerpt:

Through this White Paper, which gathers contributions from experts of 3D data as well as professionals concerned with the interoperability and sustainability of 3D research data, the PARTHENOS project aims at highlighting some of the current issues they have to face, with possible specific points according to the discipline, and potential practices and methodologies to deal with these issues. During the workshop, several tools to deal with these issues have been introduced and confronted with the participants experiences, this White Paper now intends to go further by also integrating participants feedbacks and suggestions of potential improvements. Therefore, even if the focus is put on specific tools, the main goal is to contribute to the development of standardized good practices related to the sharing, publication, storage and long-term preservation of 3D data.

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Author: Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

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