Call for Contributions: Current Cites

This post is from Edward Junhao Lim., Editor of Current Cites.

Wanted: annotations for current awareness, monthly newsletter.

Hello everyone!

Current Cites is seeking annotations from library workers and students on information technology literature. The writing is relatively low commitment. You just need to write a short abstract or annotation. Our criteria are simple:

  • Only cite what you like.
  • Keep your annotation to one paragraph; say what needs to be said.
  • Use your voice, as well as the knowledge that you bring to the topic.
  • You are welcome to have hyperlinks within your annotation.

We want your take on it, especially on what, how, & why it matters to our profession. Submit as many annotations you’d like, whenever.

If you are interested in this unique writing opportunity, you can learn more about Current Cites by visiting our site It has been published online at the end of every month in the last 30 years—and it's been freely available for just as long. We currently have 1,900+ subscribers on our distribution list.

Please submit your annotations via this webform:

I look forward to your contributions!


Edward Junhao Lim

Editor of Current Cites

To subscribe, e-mail to with "subscribe currentcites" in the body.

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