Open Access Collection Strategist at UC Santa Barbara

Under the direction of the Director of Collection Strategies, the Open Access Collection Strategist: Evaluates opportunities and makes recommendations for redirecting the Library’s investment in collections to resources with the greatest potential for transforming the system of scholarly communication toward open dissemination of research. . . . Manages the UCSB Open Access (OA) Publishing Fund. Monitors publisher- and vendor-provided information and data to identify open access-related trends and patterns. Implements the Library’s scholarly communication program in collaboration with the Scholarly Communication and Open Access Standing Committee (SCOASC), including outreach, programming, and communication strategy related to monitoring and building awareness of the changes occurring in academic publishing to foster free and open access to research. Participates in UCSB campus outreach activities and informational campaigns to raise awareness of UCSB local open access initiatives and UC-system-wide open access transformative agreements.

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Author: Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

Charles W. Bailey, Jr.