Electronic Resources Access Coordinator at Ohio State University

The position coordinates electronic content access by overseeing the activation, configuration, and data management needs for electronic resources. Specific duties include activation and maintenance of access to the libraries electronic resources, including databases, journals, books, and newer formats such as streaming video and purchased data sets; configuration of supporting interfaces for user discovery, including cataloging; and trouble-shooting reported access problems. This work includes the administration of discovery management services and related knowledge bases for database and journal lists (i.e., Serials Solutions 360 Core, 360 MARC), Open URL link resolver (i.e., 360 Link), administration of EZproxy, used for managing off-campus access to resources, and holdings management for discovery and resource sharing (i.e., OCLC WorldShare Management Knowledge Base, Innovative Sierra ERM).


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Author: Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

Charles W. Bailey, Jr.