"Scopus Introduces the Author Position Metric — A New Researcher Signal"

Most publications are created with the input from multiple co-authors. Traditional citation metrics give each co-author the same citation impact, even though the actual contribution of each researcher will not have been even. . . .

We have now added a new feature to capture the following authorship positions or types:

  • First author: The first author mentioned in the publication
  • Last author: The last author mentioned in the publication
  • Corresponding author: An author is marked as the corresponding author in the publication. Since June 2020, newly released documents in Scopus can contain more than one corresponding author. . .
  • Co-author: For documents with more than one author, co-authors are any author that is not a first, last or corresponding author
  • Single author: An author is the only author of a publication


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Author: Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

Charles W. Bailey, Jr.