"Data Reuse among Digital Humanities Scholars: A Qualitative Study of Practices, Challenges and Opportunities"

The study investigates the challenges and opportunities in reusing research data among digital humanities (DH) scholars. Its findings may serve as a case study for how disciplinary practices influence the ways in which scholars reuse data. . . .

The study found that lack of time and resources, inconsistent data practices, technical training gaps, labour intensity and difficulties in finding data were the most challenging. Participants revealed a number of enabling factors in data reuse as well, and chief among them were collaboration and autodidacticism as a feature of DH. The results indicate a gap between data reusers and data sharers — low rates of sharing reduce the amount of findable and accessible data available for reuse. Both data reusers and data sharers must begin to see themselves as embedded into the research data lifecycle within the research infrastructure.


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Author: Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

Charles W. Bailey, Jr.