"Stanford University Adopts FOLIO Library Services Platform"

Stanford’s FOLIO upgrade marks the first time Stanford has migrated to a new library services platform in over 20 years. To move from two separate legacy software systems to FOLIO, Stanford’s Library Systems team migrated bibliographic and holdings data for over 12 million library items, along with data for orders, patrons, loans, and requests. Stanford’s Digital Library Systems and Services team developed several integrations between FOLIO and other systems, including Stanford’s Searchworks discovery layer and a custom internal tool for managing vendor-supplied bibliographic data.

Most of the over 100 FOLIO libraries worldwide rely on a vendor to host the FOLIO software. Stanford opted for a self-hosting model, setting up a local environment that runs FOLIO.

In another notable aspect of Stanford’s FOLIO migration, five major library units (Stanford Libraries, Graduate School of Business Library, Hoover Institution Library and Archives, Lane Medical Library, and Robert Crown Law Library) collaborated to harmonize workflows in FOLIO and to train 400 staff members in the technical and patron-facing service areas. . . .

Caia Software & Solutions developed a robust remote storage management integration to meet Stanford’s remote storage requirements that are not handled out-of-the-box in FOLIO. The integration automatically updates FOLIO inventory records as items are moved in and out of Stanford’s remote storage facility using the CaiaSoft storage management application.


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Author: Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

Charles W. Bailey, Jr.