"Unleashing the Power of AI. A Systematic Review of Cutting-Edge Techniques in AI-Enhanced Scientometrics, Webometrics, and Bibliometrics"

Findings: (i) Regarding scientometrics, the application of AI yields various distinct advantages, such as conducting analyses of publications, citations, research impact prediction, collaboration, research trend analysis, and knowledge mapping, in a more objective and reliable framework. (ii) In terms of webometrics, AI algorithms are able to enhance web crawling and data collection, web link analysis, web content analysis, social media analysis, web impact analysis, and recommender systems. (iii) Moreover, automation of data collection, analysis of citations, disambiguation of authors, analysis of co-authorship networks, assessment of research impact, text mining, and recommender systems are considered as the potential of AI integration in the field of bibliometrics.


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Author: Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

Charles W. Bailey, Jr.