Associate Dean for Scholarly Resources at Northeastern University Libraries

The Northeastern University Libraries are recruiting an Associate Dean for Scholarly Resources.

Here's an excerpt from the ad:

Responsibilities include the direction, co-ordination, and development of the University Libraries collections and information resources, including digital initiatives, and of the Libraries' technical services activities, in order to ensure their overall operational effectiveness. In these areas the Associate Dean takes the leading role in planning, policy, and budget development and administration, fiscal management, the recruitment and supervision of staff, and consortial activity. She or he also has key leadership responsibility for development of the Libraries' scholarly communications and publishing initiatives. The Associate Dean works in a collaborative mode with a team-centered approach to problem-solving. As a member of the senior Administrative Group, the Associate Dean shares responsibility for developing and implementing the mission, goals, and broad policy directions of the University Libraries and coordinating initiatives with other University and Library senior administrators and managers. The Associate Dean also participates in leading the dynamic process of change in the transition to the hybrid print/digital library in a rapidly evolving research environment.