"Approaching Artificial Intelligence and Open Research in Sync: Opportunities and Challenges"

  • AI can generate more complete and disambiguated metadata to enhance discovery and move search from the traditional keyword-based model to semantic and conversation-based searches.
  • AI can also help publishers improve accessibility, to make content available to a broader audience.
  • AI as a reader and consumer will become as important a consideration as the human reader and consumer. Publications should consider machines as consumer and provide machine readable and consumable formats.
  • AI can create personalized recommendations and news feeds, simultaneously helping researchers find the answers they need and allowing publishers to target specific audiences for specific publications.
  • Even better, AI can perform reverse engineering to measure the contribution of each source to the final answers. And publishers can charge based on the contribution. This could be new business model in the future. Many AI researchers are currently working on enabling explainable and transparent AI, but this research will take time.


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Author: Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

Charles W. Bailey, Jr.