Paywall — NYT: "Ego, Fear and Money: How the A.I. Fuse Was Lit"

The people who were most afraid of the risks of artificial intelligence decided they should be the ones to build it. Then distrust fueled a spiraling competition. . . .

Over dinner, Mr. Gates told them he doubted that large language models could work. He would stay skeptical, he said, until the technology performed a task that required critical thinking & passing an A.P. biology test, for instance. . . .

[Five months later] Mr. Brockman gave the system [GPT-4] a multiple-choice advanced biology test, and Ms. Voss graded the answers. . . .

There were 60 questions. GPT-4 got only one answer wrong.

Mr. Gates sat up in his chair, his eyes opened wide. In 1980, he had a similar reaction when researchers showed him the graphical user interface that became the basis for the modern personal computer. He thought GPT was that revolutionary.

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Author: Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

Charles W. Bailey, Jr.