"If Creators Suing AI Companies Over Copyright Win, It Will Further Entrench Big Tech"

The almost certain outcome [of copyright suits against AI companies](because it’s what happens every other time a similar situation arises) is that there will be one (possibly two) giant entities who will be designated as the "collection society" with whom AI companies will have to negotiate or to just purchase a "training license" and that entity will then collect a ton of money, much of which will go towards "administration," and actual artists will… get a tiny bit.. . .

But, given the enormity of the amount of content, and the structure of this kind of thing, the cost will be extremely high for the AI companies (a few pennies for every creator online can add up in aggregate), meaning that only the biggest of big tech will be able to afford it.


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Author: Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

Charles W. Bailey, Jr.